Kylie’s Jenner Interview for ELLE Magazine Don’t Call Kylie Jenner’s New Clothing Line, Khy, Quiet Luxury

As the first of her family members to start a successful brand (and become the second most-followed woman on Instagram), Kylie Jenner is a testament to the power of business savvy in the age of the internet. The reality star and beauty entrepreneur beloved for her relatability and robust pout has always blazed her own trail, often with a handy assist from her momager Kris, from launching lip kits at the ripe age of 18 to defying all expectations and becoming a widely-reported billionaire. Now, she’s sort of charting new territory: designing a clothing line—this time, all on her own. (Jenner previously launched the fashion brand Kendall & Kylie with her sister at PacSun in 2013.) Her latest venture, Khy, a riff on her nickname, is a collection of affordable high-fashion pieces that hopes to redefine the modern wardrobe with inclusive sizing and an accessible price point, while offering a fresh take on quiet luxury. Ahead of Khy’s official launch, we talked with Jenner about her eponymous label, trends she avoids, and matching with her daughter, Stormi.

Why did you decide to start a fashion line?

I felt like it was the perfect time [in my life]. I was having kids, and it’s always been a dream of mine to have a fashion line, especially one like this.

Is it different from or similar to helming a beauty brand?

You know what, it’s been really similar [so far]. For me, fashion and beauty really go together. My makeup and hair are important to every piece that I put on my body, and I really think it could make or break a look. You can take a simple black dress or a simple faux leather mini to another level. I creative direct Kylie Cosmetics, and I’ve been doing the same thing for Khy. I’ve learned so much building brands, and I’ve never felt more confident than I do now.

How did you get the nickname Khy?

I was actually called Kyles for the first half of my life, and then somewhere during my teenage years, it switched to Khy. I think my friends gave that one to me.

Your style at Paris Fashion Week was something of a departure from your usual looks. What prompted the change?

I’m always changing my look. I like to do themes. When I went to Paris, I wore a lot of beautiful dresses, like [the] Bottega and [the] Schiaparelli, and people thought I was changing my style. But I think my real fans knew, oh no, she’s just in Paris—she’s leaning in, she’s having a moment. That’s what I’ve been putting into Khy and the inspiration behind Khy the brand—all of our drops are so different, and I think people will be surprised to see our next drop and all the drops to come, because I am always switching things up. I love trying new things. But I can’t wait to go to Paris again!

What do you think about the quiet luxury trend?

I don’t really have any thoughts about it. When I see comments that say that, I just think, I’m probably not gonna wear that this week.

Khy goes up to size 4X and everything costs under $200. What was the impetus for creating size-inclusive clothing at an affordable price point?

The size range wasn’t even a thought or discussion—it was a mandatory thing for my line to be inclusive. My whole goal for the brand is to collaborate with amazing designers and also do collections that are independently designed and make great fashion pieces accessible for everybody. Being under-$200 for our first drop was always something we had in mind that was really important. How do we make the best stuff that feels so luxurious and looks amazing that everyone can experience?

Did any of your sisters help you develop the brand?

We’re always talking and updating each other and asking for advice, but something I did with Khy that I haven’t done with any other project was tell my family, but keep it to myself as far as my peers and friends. I wanted to work hard behind the scenes and have it be a fun surprise.

What was the best reaction you received?

I was in Palm Springs with a group of my best friends a few months ago, and we were all laying down watching the stars, and I was like, “Okay, I have something to tell you all…” Then I showed everyone, and they were so excited. When I first got the samples, I would wear them traveling and wait to see if anyone complimented them naturally. I wore my coat to travel once, and someone I was with asked, “What is this coat?” And I was like, “It’s mine! Guess how much you think it is?” She said “$1,000,” and I replied “$198.” I loved seeing her reaction.

How would you wear Khy on a date night?

One of my favorite pieces is our strapless mini. I’ve worn that a bunch of different ways—I’ve put a T-shirt under it with heels and tights. It’s a good sexy piece. And our trench coat is one of my favorite pieces. There are so many ways to wear it; I love that you can dress it up with tights, and you can zip it up and show some leg. You can put it over sweats. I love the versatility.

Could you see yourself eventually expanding into the kids’ category?

You know, I made my daughter all of the Khy pieces in mini versions, so she has the full collection. I didn’t have that thought until I saw all the cute little mini Khy pieces, so…you never know.

The second drop comes later this month. How often will new pieces be released?

For the first year, it’s pretty frequent, but I think we’ll probably even get to a place where we can be even more frequent than right now.

How do you stay balanced when life seems overwhelming?

I’m a pretty good multitasker, but I do have my moments of feeling burnt out, and I have to silence my phone. Sometimes I can’t respond and I have to take the weekend [off] and just be with my kids. You work full-time and come home and you have to be a mom, so finding that me time is really important for me. Just silencing my phone, getting into my pajamas, and binge-watching a show all weekend is a good reset. I like to take on too much—I’m the creative director for Khy’s marketing, there’s not an Instagram post that’s gone out that I haven’t posted myself, I edit all the videos. But it’s been amazing, and I’m blessed to be here.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.
By Claire SternPublished: Nov 1, 2023