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Kylie Cosmetics – somthing is coming

Kylie Cosmetics – somthing is coming

Daily Mail: Kylie Jenner made a big move on her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page on Tuesday.

The mother-of-one shared a new image where she was in a pink and matching hot pants with a black wig in place as she said in her caption to her 25 million followers, ‘Something is coming.’

Kylie also deleted all the older posts on the page, suggesting she was starting a clean slate with her brand.

Kylie at Travis Scott’s Birthday Party

Kylie at Travis Scott’s Birthday Party

Kylie attended Travis Scott’s 29th birthday party. Even photographers and videographers attended the event and captured our couple together. It looks like Kylie and Travis are back together

‘Kendall & Kylie News’ Instagram account is finally open!

Hi guys! I went to this for a long time and am finally pleased to inform you that I have created a page on Instagram, on which I will post all the latest updates about Kendall and Kylie Jenner. On this page, many photos will appear earlier than on the site, so I recommend to subscribe as soon as possible! Thanks for your support!


Kylie has been crowned Instagram’s richest star of 2018

Kylie has been crowned Instagram’s richest star of 2018 Remember when Kylie Jenner was rumoured to have killed Snapchat? Well, it looks like she’s found her lane with Instagram, as the star has topped a rich list by commanding around $1 million (£760,000) per post.

The Kylie Cosmetics star can reportedly earn herself the hefty amount of cash on the social media site, beating her older sister Kim Kardashian by $280,000 (£213,000).

Despite having some time away from the cameras, while looking after her newborn daughter Stormi, Kylie has still managed to knock off last year’s highest earner – Selena Gomez.

But both of them beat footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the likes of Beyonce and Dwayne Johnson.

Last year, Kylie was fourth on the list and below her sister Kim – earning herself less than half of what she can make now on $400,000 (£304,000).

We’re not so sure that Kim, 37, will be too bothered as she was reportedly cashing in $1 million per minute thanks to her perfume sales recently and before that, it was her Kimojis.

The top 10 in the 2018 Celebrity Instagram Rich List are:

1.Kylie Jenner – 110 million – $1 million per post
2.Selena Gomez – 138 million followers – $800,000 per post (£608,000)
3.Cristiano Ronaldo – 133 million followers – $750,000 per post (£570,000)
4.Kim Kardashian – 113 million followers – $720,000 per post (£550,000)
5.Beyonce Knowles – 115 million followers – $700,000 per post (£530,000)
6.Dwayne Johnson – 109 million followers – $650,000 per post (£490,000)
7.Justin Bieber – 100 million followers – $630,000 per post (£480,000)
8.Neymar da Silva Santos – 101 million followers – $600,000 per post (£455,000)
9.Lionel Messi – 95.3 million followers – $500,000 per post (£380,000)
10.Kendall Jenner – 92.4 million followers – $500,000 per post (£80,000)

Mike Bandar, co-founder of, who released the list, said: ‘I’m not surprised that Kylie Jenner has topped this year’s list, as far as social media marketing goes, she has it down to a tee. Kylie was introduced to the public through her family’s reality show, but she has forged her own billion-dollar career and harnessed the power of Instagram to build a global, loyal, engaged following that brands are willing to pay top dollar for!’

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Hello! Today the celebrates its second birthday! Yes, today exactly two years since we make you happy with the latest news and photos of Kylie. For two years we have become one of the most popular sites about Kylie. And got friends, especially I want to thank Dora, who helps us with the gallery. Thank you for staying with us!

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